I am so grateful for your assistance with my little shih-tzu,which have reached Orlando safely thanks to you.I am delighted to discover that Romania has highly committed teams,such as yours,which are real professionals.I hope we will have a lucrative collaboration in the future and wish your team success.

Alice Suttyak

Infinite Marketing Group proved us each time that they are highly professionals and efficient. They never disappointed us. They always have answers to our questions, and we’ve sent dogs to destinations all over the world with their help. All of them arrived well to their new homes. We always appealed to the services of Infinite Marketing Group and we definitely will do it again.We thank them for the help they gave us each time.

Olivia and Cosmin Buzatu – Timisoara, Romania

As our dogs enjoyed international success at all major European dog shows, we have been constantly asked to ship around the globe puppies of great quality and value. For us, a dog is priceless, therefore it's important that each of our puppies flies comfortably, safely, to be well taken care of all the way, so, at destination, to be able to adjust normally in its new family. In time, we have worked with various cargo agencies, either Romanian or foreign. The meeting with Anelise Bortas and Infinite Marketing Group was a happy moment. I appreciate the warmth, kind affection and care that Anelise proved when shipping each of our dogs. It was more than once when, as departure was scheduled at improper night hours, Anelise took the puppy in her home before, to make sure it doesn't have to spend the night in a cold and unwelcome warehouse. The responsible breeders, all those that truly love their dogs, are more relaxed when they know Anelise takes care of everything."

We thank you Anelise,
Lavinia Steer and the HappyTails Terriers

     “I recently moved in Montreal with my husband, leaving back in Romania my cat ďMatuĒ - the sweetest black cat of 7 years old.
    This September I decided to bring Matu to Montreal, and I contacted Anelise Bortas from Infinite Marketing Group via e-mail. I described her the particular medical status of my cat, which suffer of renal problems. Until now, he had a surgery, three renal blockages and he is currently on medication for PH control.
    Infinite Marketing Group has made all the possible efforts in order to offer my cat the best trip, without any bad consequences. It was a challenge for them, but they didnít hesitate for a moment. They managed to find the shortest transit time at KLM, with the best services and a very good price. Matu arrived in Montreal safe and sound, and at all times, they kept me informed regarding the status of my cat.
    Iím very happy with my choose to collaborate with Infinite Marketing Group, and I strongly recommend them to everyone who needs to transport their beloved animals in the international space.
    Special thanks to Anelise Bortas, for all the help and support in this collaboration.

Andreea Ablachim - Montreal, Oct. 2, 2008

I’m very content of working with the team of Anelise Bortas for sending my dogs to France. Each time everything went very well and I shall appeal to their services without any reserve.

Stephanie Despres – France

Thank-you so much for your help with the extra documentation. I really appreciate it.The puppies are safe in quarantine in Cape Town. I will let you know when they are home.Thanks once again for your help. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wishes to transport animals between Romania and any other country in the world.

LeighAnneCrooke - South Africa

" The boys arrived safely and they are in good spirits !! The plane arrived around 5:15pm  and by the time they got to the cargo area it was about 5:35. Customs clearance done about 6:10pm. Then we headed home. We stopped for "Ladies room" and Gasoline...We got in about 10pm, and the boys settled in quickly.
I will try to send you photo's next week.
Thank you Anelise, for the very good customer service. It is nice to do business with kind and caring people."

Kim Cook- Vermont SUA

"I knew from the moment I found her thin and tiny body and saw her little face that I just had to take her home to England. All this was made easier with the one 2 one help of Anelise Bortas. Anelise went out of her way to ensure a smooth transaction. I found Anelise to be one of the most friendly and helpful people I'd ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Through Anelise's own love for animals and sheer determination she made it possible to bring my new dog to England. A few minor problems along the way were smoothed over with her professionalism and advise. I would definitely recommend Anelise to anyone who is considering flying a dog (or any animal) from Romania to anywhere in the world. No animal could be in more caring hands than Anelise Bortas and her staff and I will never forget her or what she did for Manisha and I. Manisha is now settling great into her new home with our German Shepherd Dog and loves her daily walkies in the parks. If anyone reading this has found a stray in Romania and thinking of taking it home, call Anelise for advise. Believe me, it's worth it. From Manisha and I...
Thank you Anelise.

Tracy Meloy. Kent. ENGLAND

Caucasian Shepherd