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The Born Free Foundation

     "The Born Free Foundation would like to extend our thanks to Anelise Bortas, and everyone at Infinite Marketing Group for all their help and patience in arranging the shipment of two lion cubs, destined for their temporary home in Guernsey in Great Britain.

     The cubs had been abandoned in Romania and were being cared for by Alianta pentru Protectia Animalelor din Romania (APAR).. The Born Free Foundation is providing life-time care for the cubs at our sanctuary within Shamwari Wildlife Reserve in South Africa, but first the cubs needed to be moved to their temporary home at a quarantine shelter on the island of Guernsey. Guernsey is an independent State, part of Great Britain but not part of the United Kingdom or EU. Its status provided Anelise and ourselves at Born Free and APAR with many headaches when arranging the appropriate permits.

     Anelise was very helpful and efficient throughout, being on the end of the phone until 10.00pm while we got the various issues sorted. We would certainly use the Infinite Marketing Group should we need arrange flights for lions again!"

Tricia Holford

Co-ordinator, Rescue Programme

Born Free Foundation

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