Our offer

  • Professional counseling concerning the shipment;
  • Elaboration of documents necessary for the
    export – shipment documents and customs clearance and, on the clients’ request, health certificates or passports (chargeable);
  • Providing the proper container/kennel  (on the client’s special request);
  • Sending by fax/e-mail the set of documents required for customs clearance in the country of destination;
  • Advising the consignee about the date and exact time when the shipment arrives;
  •  The veterinary control at the airport;
  • Labeling the container (information about the pet, the shipper and the consignee, feeding instructions, transit stations etc.);
  • Internal transportation of the pet from the shipper’s address to the airport (free for Bucharest and surroundings);
  • We have the possibility to assure complete pension for your pet until the date of the plain’s departure (the pet’s accommodation is in open spaces for dogs, and closed ones for cats) – see photo gallery.


 Our offer
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Caucasian Shepherd