• Be sure to have your pet examined by a veterinarian and declared healthy enough to travel. Health certificates must be issued by a licensed veterinarian 24 hours before the journey, their validity being of 10 (ten) days.

  • The minimum age of dogs and cats must be of at least ten (10) weeks in order to be transported by air.

  • According to IATA standars, travel kennels must be enclosed and allow room for your pet to stand, turn around, sit, and lie in a natural position. They have to be provided with a metal closing system. The four sides of the kennel must have ventilation openings (one of the four sides being the door, which is completely detachable – see the figure below).

  • Kennels must be provided with water and food containers that can attach to the kennel door.

  • We recommend that you purchase the travel kennel a few days in advance in order for your pet to gradually acclimate to it and to eliminate the stress


Caucasian Shepherd